About The Author

Meet G.J Moses, an author with a passion for storytelling that has only grown stronger since his retirement from a successful career in Information Technology. From a young age, G.J. Moses was captivated by the works of science fiction, fantasy, and action/adventure legends such as H. G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, David Drake, Andre Norton, and Isaac Asimov.
Inspired by the amazing stories he read, G.J. Moses discovered a love for writing and set out to create his own captivating tales. Today, he is the proud author of the Chohish Wars series, which includes the latest thrilling instalment, Judgment: The Chohish Wars.
Born and raised in the Northeast, G.J. Moses eventually made his way down to Texas, where he resides with his biggest fan and motivator, his wife, Melinda. When he’s not writing, G.J. Moses enjoys spending time with his family, exploring new places, and watching movies.
With his incredible imagination and passion for storytelling, G.J. Moses is sure to capture your heart and mind with his gripping tales of adventure, sacrifice, and heroism.

(G. J. Moses)

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