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Ambush: The Chohish Wars

Captain Zeke Kinsley of the RGN Cruiser, The Lucky Strike, was only too happy to volunteer to search out stragglers from a just-ended minor system conflict. After the last several years of seeing heavy action, he and his crew were looking forward to a simple task that should be relatively peaceful.

About the Book

"Attack: The Chohish Wars"

The war has started. But how do you defeat an enemy when you do not even know where they live?

A dedicated military force in three warships battles for the future in that part of the galaxy. Captain Zeke Kinsley, in the rebuilt cruiser Lucky Strike, leads a small fleet to find the home planets of an alien race that attacked several planets without mercy.

With his new girlfriend, Captain Jeanne de Clisson, by his side, Zeke goes hunting. During their search, they encounter a new race, subjugated by the same aliens they hunt. In a desperate attempt to free them, they battle against impossible odds. Any success is fleeting as the enemy is ruthless and unrelenting. Determined, this small force risks it all to keep the enemy at bay until reinforcements arrive.

Millions have died, and worlds hang in the balance. Can this small force hold off a much superior enemy force?

Great ships, multiple races, and heroic battles all are present.

About the Book

Judgment: The Chohish Wars

The epic conclusion to the Chohish Wars series is finally here! In this gripping sci-fi adventure, author G.J Moses takes readers on a journey through multiple systems as the war between the coalition and their enemies reaches its climax.

Injured and exhausted, Captain Kinsley leads his ships into what could be their final battle. But the coalition is on the brink of collapse as new allies threaten to tear them apart just when they need each other the most. With the enemy gathering their largest fleet yet, RGN Command turns to Captain Kinsley to save the day one more time.

But can he do it? So many lives have already been lost in this brutal war. Captain Kinsley knows the stakes are high, and the consequences of failure are devastating. He has no choice but to risk everything he cares about to end the war and prevent further loss of life.

In this thrilling conclusion, the author delivers a heart-pounding, action-packed story of bravery, sacrifice, and the ultimate fight for freedom. Don’t miss out on the explosive finale of the Chohish Wars series. Get your copy of Judgment today!